Snickerdoodles {The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2013}

This year I participated in the 3rd annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap hosted by love & olive oil. I missed last years and was so happy I got to participate this year! There seriously is nothing better than coming home to a box of cookies at the door :) I went with a classic this year and sent out my favorite snickerdoodle recipe- Mrs. Sigg’s. I’ve made them before and kept the cookies sealed for days and they still taste soft and chewy!



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Peppermint Oreo Truffles

For my friend Nicole’s ugly sweater Christmas party this week, I wanted to make something festive, easy and bite-size. Thanks to Pinterest, I found this wonderful recipe for Peppermint Oreo Truffles. I’ve never made Oreo truffles before, but they are the easiest things to make! No baking required! (Sorry, oven) I used mint filled Oreos instead of the original, but you can use either. I just wanted to make mine extra minty :) You can dip your truffles in either white chocolate or milk. I chose the white chocolate so that the crushed peppermint would show up. Happy Holidays!

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Mini Crème Brûlée Cheesecakes

This year for Christmas, I’m asking for a propane-fueled blow torch. No no, I’m actually serious. After experimenting with my friend’s blow torch this weekend and witnessing all the wonders it contributed to the culinary world, I’m an easy sell. I made crème caramel with my mom a few weeks ago and was reminded of how much I loved the taste of caramel/slightly burnt sugar. I decided to take the concept of burning sugar to a whole different level. Some family friends of ours hosted our family for dinner  this weekend and they challenged me to make a dessert using their blow torch. I made mini crème brûlée cheesecakes by making a standard cheesecake recipe and brûlée-ing the top of the mini cheesecakes with sugar on top. The recipe says to use crème brûlée sugar or superfine sugar, but if you don’t have either, regular granulated sugar will work out just fine. You don’t have to use a culinary torch (as the recipe suggests), you can use a propane torch from your dad’s work bench or make a trip to the hardware store and grab one. Disclaimer: Once you’ve brûléed these mini cheesecakes, you’re going to want to brûlée every dessert you’ve ever made.

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