Thanksgiving Recap: Place card cookies + Pecan Pie

My sweet sister surprised me with a piping kit to decorate cookies and cakes. This Thanksgiving, I wanted to try my hand at piping icing onto cookies (it is much more difficult than it looks) to make place cards for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had an unusually warm Thanksgiving day in Denver so we brought out the football and tailgate games in the back yard :)


A few years ago, I received this great book on decorating cookies. I was so glad I was finally able to put it to use!


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Autumn Butters

Some of my favorite fall goodies are fruit and vegetable spreads. I love pumpkin and apple butters in place of jams or preserves on my morning toast and even mixing in pumpkin butter into my pumpkin bread batter. Keep in mind, none of these actually have butter in them (sorry, Paula).

I have always had such a love for canning and appreciate the flavors of fall that I see around. I’ve listed some of my favorite autumn butters below. One of my favorites is actually from Trader Joe’s which I picked up when I was in California last week. I’ll have to try my best to ration it until we get our own Trader Joe’s :)

1. Blackberry Farm Pumpkin and Pear Butter

pumpkin and pear

2. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter

TJ's Pumpkin Butter

3. Williams-Sonoma Cinnamon Apple Butter

WS cinnamon apple butter

Images via Blackberry Farm // Trader Joe’s // Williams-Sonoma

What are some of your favorite autumn goodies?