Monster Cookies

Last week I was asked to bring snacks to my small group. For those of y’all who know me, I’m not one to go to the store and buy snacks unless there is absolutely no time to make anything/it’s short notice. Since I am always looking for an excuse to bake, I figured I’d try out a new cookie recipe thanks to my fellow blogger Sally and her adorable blog. Sally and I share something in common: we have a baking addiction. Her blog is appropriately titled, “Sally’s Baking Addiction“. These monster cookies were the softest cookies I’ve ever baked. I don’t know what it was, but everyone at my small group was raving about how soft and chewy they were.


OH, and probably the most important thing of all…this was the first thing I made with my new Kitchen Aid mixer! I cannot express the joy this piece of kitchen equipment brings me. Maybe only a few of y’all will appreciate that tid-bit of info, the rest of y’all will think I’m crazy, which is fine. I’m ecstatic and in love…with my new mixer. I spent a few extra bucks to get it in my favorite limited color (candy apple red) and the glass bowl. And because Kitchen Aid rocks they threw in a meat grinder attachment by doing a mail-in rebate. So now I can grind meat with my mixer, which is cool for this meat eater.



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Summer Salad

One of my favorite things about summer is the availability of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies. Sweet corn, juicy strawberries, ripe melons, and of course tart cherries from our cherry tree :) I love making salads in the summer to accompany a great dish on the grill. For this salad we threw in a few seasonal summer ingredients to make one stellar summer salad.


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Cherry Pie {at a Crawfish Boil}

Crawfish are hands down, one of my absolute favorite things to eat. There is nothing I miss more than a good ol’ crawfish boil in the South. When my mom and I went to New Orleans two years ago we went at the peak of crawfish season, a.k.a. heaven. My friends held a crawfish boil last weekend and shipped in 105 pounds of bugs (crawfish) to their house. Everyone else was asked to bring an appetizer or a dessert so I made a cherry pie. Simple, classic, Southern, and with a lattice crust, of course.


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