Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These browned butter chocolate chip cookies might be the best cookies I’ve ever baked. No, really. I know chocolate chip cookies are kind of “unimpressive” and “pretty standard” when it comes to baking, but I found something that really amps up the recipe. The answer, my friends, is butter. Browned butter. Don’t run away, this is a good thing (remember, everything in moderation!). These ain’t your grandma’s cookies, folks. And no, there’s no bacon in them. Browned butter has made the biggest difference in such a traditional recipe. I took a bag of my favorite chocolate chips (Ghirardelli didn’t pay me to write this…although I wish they had), and instead of using butter at room temperature I decided to brown it instead. I don’t know if its the richness or the somewhat nutty flavor of the butter or whatever chemistry goes on, but these cookies are out of this world. I’ll stop and let the cookies do the talking. 😉



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Roasted Pear Sauce

Although it doesn’t quite feel like spring here in Colorado, it is April, which means in my mind that it’s time to start enjoying juicy spring flavors. I came home from work yesterday and found 4 super ripe, juicy pears sitting in our fruit bowl and I had to make something. I flipped through Ina Garten’s (The Barefoot Contessa) “How easy is that?” cookbook and found an awesome recipe that I have always wanted to try. Although I didn’t have quite enough fruit, I wanted to try making my own roasted pear sauce. Ina Garten uses pears and apples but I only had Anjou pears on hand.

If you’ve ever had warm cinnamon apples before, you can expect roasted pears to taste a lot like that, but on steroids. I’m serious.

I don’t know why I don’t put brown sugar, cinnamon and butter on all of my fruit. Actually, I do know why, because I think my body would hate me. But for a quick dessert, or just to eat on their own, roasted pear sauce is fantastic.

I had to resist eating the sauce straight out of my Dutch oven after I baked it. Luckily it made it in the mason jar and then I ate it. Then I scooped some Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and put some roasted pear sauce on top. Then I cried wishing I had more pears so I could make more pear sauce. Next time I’m going to make a pear crisp (or two).



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