Apple Dumplings

We hosted some family friends for the weekend on their road trip back to Dallas and I wanted to make them brunch. I absolutely love cooking for people who are stopping by. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal when you are away from home and on the road. I watched Trisha Yearwood make these amazing apple dumplings on the Food Network one morning for brunch and was sold. Deep-dish apple pie is one of my favorite desserts, but I like it even more in the morning when I can have a slice (or two) for breakfast.

These apple dumplings are almost as good as having a slice of pie in the morning. Almost…

You can even serve with vanilla ice cream, if you want (Blue Bell only, please). I served the apple dumplings with a sage sausage and egg scramble and a hot pot of coffee. We feasted on the dumplings throughout the morning and they were gone by the afternoon. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, these go quickly! Doubling the recipe would be wise. 😉

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Steamed Mussels

Other than chips and guac and really anything that has meat in it, mussels are the way to my heart. Steamed mussels are probably my favorite kind of shellfish and I’m convinced I could live off of them if they didn’t have such a high mercury content (sorry to be a Debbie downer). My family has always prepared mussels the traditional way- steaming them and using white wine and garlic for the broth- and then adding fresh tomatoes to the broth, which makes a huge difference. The tomatoes add SO much flavor to the broth. Since I don’t live near an ocean anymore, finding the right mussels can be a little tricky. I’ve had the best luck with P.E.I. mussels (Prince Edward Island) at Whole Foods. When you buy mussels you need to make sure that every shell is closed. They will open when you steam them. Buy a pound of mussels per person you’re cooking for- a pound of mussels is usually good enough for one person for a main course. The seafood dudes at Whole Foods are usually pretty generous when I buy mussels and throw in a few extra in case some are already open.

Mussels are actually very easy to make. They don’t take long either. I’ll show ya 😉



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