Hello! My name is Christine and I’m a junior at Pepperdine University studying Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. I’m a mountain girl from Denver, Colorado with a lot of Texas pride being born in Dallas.

I’ve started this blog for my “Personal Brand” project for my Marketing class. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate interesting things about ourselves that give people a bigger and better picture of who we really are. Beyond our grades and the items on our resume we all have passions that showcase more of who we are. 

Exploring the possibilities with food has always been a creative outlet of mine. It’s a side of me that expresses the joy I have for composing and imagining different ideas with food. 

This blog will focus on my fondness for cooking and baking and other things in the culinary world that I simply adore. I will be posting recipes of my own and from others, pictures of food (who doesn’t like looking at pictures of scrumptious creations?) and of the cooking process, as well as links to other tasty finds.

As a journalism major, I have written some articles on food and occasions for my school newspaper and may from time to time post those as well. 

Thanks, and happy cooking!